About JoAnn Sutcliffe

Headshot BlackAbout Me

I am an aunt to a large number of nieces, nephews, friends of nieces and nephews, children of friends, cousins once removed and a dog or two. They all call me Aunty Jo and I love them like my own. Except maybe the dog. He licks me and I hate that.

I became a widow at the age of 32 when my husband was taken from me way too soon by cancer. After his death I left my beloved New York and moved to Los Angeles to be close to my family. My brother has three children that provide an endless supply of material for an aspiring writer. The insanity that is Los Angeles doesn’t hurt either. I was recently interrupted in the gym by a film location scouting crew. I mean, really.

I am a corporate finance professional by day in order to finance a steady supply of wine and cheese. I have an MBA in Finance and I am a Certified Treasury Professional, which means I get to put CTP at the end of my name like a doctor. It looks great on my business cards even if no one knows or cares what it means. I am a certified scuba diver and certified lifeguard. I like to get certified in stuff. Pieces of paper with my name on them validate my existence. I also have a black belt in kickboxing so you don’t want to come across me in a dark alley.

I am addicted to television, as evidenced by my bachelor’s degree in TV Production that is about as useful as my brother’s degree in fine art. There was a period there in the ‘90s where we both felt the need to keep our parents from getting too comfortable. It amuses us both endlessly that we have degrees in art and television and now we work for the man in finance and capital markets. How quickly we were willing to give up starvation and public transport for retirement plans and a mortgage (or in my case, Stuart Weitzman shoes).

I love travel, sushi, theater, some opera, non-fiction books, Johnny Depp, those little Swedish Fish candy, and walks on the beach (I mean, who doesn’t.) And I love my family. I have the most amazing, supportive parents in the world.

I hate mushrooms, spitting, cooking, the word “domestic”, cigarette smoke (see above re: cancer), mountain lions and anything that has been within 10 feet of a goat.


4 Responses to About JoAnn Sutcliffe

  1. Your mother! says:

    You never cease to surprise and entertain. I love you more than anyone in the world – well next to your father! So proud of you.

    • Your mother! says:

      Umm! I meant there is no one that loves you more than I do – not that I love you more than I love your brother! Trying to clarify about your father loving you as much as I do didn’t quite come through either! Now we know why you’re the successful writer!

  2. Lisa says:

    Love your writing! We should discuss it at book club!!

  3. JoAnn,

    I love the blog, been too long since I saw you at Uconn!

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